Poultry Dung-Fermentation

The energy recovery of poultry dung in our modular NatUrgas® system creates an optimized, closed value-adding chain. All the processes starting from poultry breeding via growing the fodder and energy crops up to the production of energy, heat, natural biogas and fertilizers are in one hand.

The pre-condition for that is an adapted optimized process technology. The key to success of this procedure is the pure process water that is generated during our fermentation procedure. After the anaerobic treatment of the input materials, compostable and pelletable dry fertilizers as well as liquid fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen are available. All the nutrients are contained in the hygienically harmless, odour-neutral fertilizers. Therefore, they are spread on the fields in a very efficient way. This guarantees a sustainable nutrient circulation.

Based on the NatUrgas® procedure, the modular system creates additional synergy effects for poultry breeding, system operators and the environment.

Benefits for Poultry Breeding:

  • extensive hygienisation of the poultry excrements
  • hygienisation performance can be expanded on a modular basis
  • stabilisation and further hygienisation of the dry fertilizer due to anaerobic secondary composting
  • liquid fertilizers are hygienically clean
  • process water is sterile
  • no dust when spreading out the chicken dung
  • no odour when spreading

Benefits for System Operators and the Environment:

  • heating of the poultry breeding coops using CHP-heat
  • saving mineral fertilizers
  • avoiding forwarding and transportation costs
  • reducing the own energy consumption
  • efficient application of NPK with organic dry fertilizers and anorganic liquid fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen
  • excellent availability of the nutrients in the liquid fertilizers for plants
  • climate friendliness due to considerable reduction of the nitrogen losses in poultry dung

The poultry dung fermentation will play a decisive role as the key technology of poultry industry. The profitability of biogas plants will increase considerable especially due to the support of the waste heat of biogas plants for heating poultry coops (KWK-bonus)- Indirectly, saving energy costs will influence the complete poultry and egg production positively.


The Rückert NatUrgas GmbH is consultants and planners of compact, efficient and economical farm-scale and industrial biogas plants, who accompany you as specialists on your way of the individual planning, commissioning, repowering and the plant operation in a way that is conformous to the building permission.

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