Cost estimation according to DIN 276

Preparing a cost estimation according to DIN 276 is the only efficient way of ascertaining the actual capital expenditure requirements for your biogas plant. Usually, plant manufacturers (general enterprises, general co-ordinating contractors or technology suppliers) only calculate the offered plant components (scope of supply) or describe them using an offer (binding or non-binding suggested pricing offer).

All the remaining services need to be performed on site. Even so-called complete offers usually only calculate 60 to 70 % of the actually arising investment costs. We provide you with a binding cost estimation that is divided into different cost types.

The costs should be ascertained as early as possible and they should be checked and adapted continuously. This is the only way to plan a reliable financing and to keep the planned budget. Almost every change in planning results in a change of costs. If this is not realized in time and no countermeasures are taken, the financing framework can easily get too tight.
The basics of cost type division are determined within DIN 276. It renders a secure ascertainment of the expected investment sum possible.

The type and detailing of costing depend on the stage of planning and building and the currently available information such as drawings, calculations and descriptions. The available information increases during the building process dependent on the progress of work so that the exactness of costing also grows.


The Rückert NatUrgas GmbH is consultants and planners of compact, efficient and economical farm-scale and industrial biogas plants, who accompany you as specialists on your way of the individual planning, commissioning, repowering and the plant operation in a way that is conformous to the building permission.

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