Proved from time immemorial

Nature was the inspiration. The NatUrgas® procedure was developed after an exact analysis of the natural fermentation processes.  Observation as well as long lasting experience teaches us how to create optimal conditions for the production of methane out of bio waste, liquid manure or other fertilizers.

The following factors are decisive:

  • the careful conditioning of input materials in order to offer the bacteria an optimal working surface
  • the adapted pre-treatment by homogenisation, hydrolysis or hygienisation
  • the setting of a stable hydraulic retention time by systematic feeding, the check of the environmental conditions such as temperature, pH-value, hydrogen sulfide value H2S, anaerobic conditions as well as an optimal mixing of the content of the biogas fermentation tank
  • the supervision of the biogas process by means of the methane content CH4 and the hydrogen content H2 in biogas.


The Rückert NatUrgas GmbH is consultants and planners of compact, efficient and economical farm-scale and industrial biogas plants, who accompany you as specialists on your way of the individual planning, commissioning, repowering and the plant operation in a way that is conformous to the building permission.

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