Up to 190 kW-Biogas Plants, Type: NatUrgas® R-700
Intelligent procedure paired with highest profitability

The NatUrgas®-digesters have always been built in different performance groups. The Ingenieurbüro Rückert GmbH started building horizontal high-performance digesters for plants up to 190 kW and thus gained considerable experience a long time before the new Renewable Energy Resources Act (EEG) has come into action in 2009. We focus on a closed plant system and gas-Otto engines with high efficiencies because we are convinced of this technology and there are high demands to emissions.

Even the smallest digester group of 150 kW electrical power is built and operated according to our patented NatUrgas® -procedure. You can ideally digest manure with fodder contents, manure with horse dung, renewables (also without manure), solid dung, poultry excrements and poultry dung in those plants. Thereby, little performance is taken up, there are very high levels of digestion, no swimming layers and no sedimentation.

This is a giant advantage as of 2009: starting with a 30% weight share of fertilizers, you receive the manure bonus amounting to 4 cents per kW-hour for the first 150 kW and of 1 cent per kWh up to 500 kW.

Build on our experience and our know-how! 

The menu „References“ illustrates different realised plant sizes of our NatUrgas®-procedure.  

We would be pleased to show you our compact, small high-performance biogas plants. Please fix an appointment with us.


The Rückert NatUrgas GmbH is consultants and planners of compact, efficient and economical farm-scale and industrial biogas plants, who accompany you as specialists on your way of the individual planning, commissioning, repowering and the plant operation in a way that is conformous to the building permission.

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NatUrgas<sup>®</sup> R-700 (bis 190 kW)NatUrgas<sup>®</sup> R-700 (up to 190 kW)NatUrgas<sup>®</sup> R-700 (fino a 190 kW)NatUrgas<sup>®</sup> R-700 (up to 190 kW)