Opening Celebration in Herzberg (May 2011)


The gate to the Rückert NatUrgas® biogas plant in Herzberg was widely open in order to receive all the guests invited by the operator of the plant. Nicely decorated tables and a huge buffet provided a warm welcome to the guests.

The operator of the biogas plant opened the celebration at 5 p.m. He spoke about his way to achieve his target of building and operating a biogas plant which was not too easy.

He was impressed and emotional about the helpfulness of the local handcraft companies, politicians and poultry industries who were always available to help him overcome the repeatedly occurring difficulties. Now he is full of confidence when he looks into the future. He is already planning poultry stables which shall be erected opposite the Rückert NatUrgas® plant. The poultry dung from those stables is digested in the biogas plant as a substrate (with a share of at least 50%) and thus transformed into energy (400 kW MAC Deutz-BHKW) and heat. Since the commissioning of the plant in July 2010 the operator has got the poultry dung from the neighbouring farm.

Mister Oecknigk, mayor of Osteroda, complimented him on his commitment to invest in this area and to create jobs for people from the region. He furthermore assured the operator some political support in the future. Also Karl Steiner from the company Frikifrisch GmbH, represented by Mrs Reiter, encouraged the operator to have made the correct decision by establishing his business in biogas-produktion. He also wants to support the farmer in the future.

All the interested guests were in good humour and followed the biogas plant-planner Claus Rückert and the operator to inspect the biogas plant which had been planned according to the Rückert NatUrgas® procedure.

Good food, cold drinks and inspiring conversations completed the celebration until the late evening.

The team of the Rückert NatUrgas GmbH wishes „A good gas output!“ to the operator!


Lazienda Rckert NatUrgas GmbH agisce come un consulente ed progettista dimpianti industriali a biogas e dimpianti della fattoria che sono sempre compatti, efficaci ed economici. Gli specialisti di Rckert NatUrgas GmbH realizzano insieme a Lei lobiettivo dalla progettazione individuale allimpianto a biogas completo ed alla attivazione dimpianto.

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