NatUrgas® Procedure – Biogas Plant now also in Slovenia! (July 2011)


After a long preparation time, the excavators could finally start their work! The building pit for a 1-MW-Rückert-NatUrgas®-biogas plant (type R 2x2400-1000-LG) is excavated for the company Perutnina in Slovenia.

Using the patented NatUrgas® procedure, it is possible to digest a share of more than 50% of chicken dung, glycerine (waste material from slaughterhouses) and maize as substrates in this plant. A comparable Rückert-NatUrgas® – plant has been in operation successfully since December 2007 in Köthen / Saxonia-Anhalt. Due to the proven and tested digester concept (horizontal digester with high performance reel agitator following the principle of a concrete mixer), the biogas plant in Köthen has efficiently and economically digested up to 70% of chicken dung as substrate together with maize and grass for 4 years.

In the end of this year, the NatUrgas® procedure - biogas plant in Slovenia shall be connected to the grid. The special feature of this plant is the heat utilization concept. The warm exhaust gas of the CHP is transported through an exhaust gas heat exchanger and transformed into steam. The steam is required for pelletizing for the production of fodder in a nearby fodder mixing company. Furthermore, the operation of the biogas plant is going to take place in an odour-neutral way because the emissions in the exhaust air of the substrate storage halls are filtered using a bio-filter and thus neutralized.


Lazienda Rckert NatUrgas GmbH agisce come un consulente ed progettista dimpianti industriali a biogas e dimpianti della fattoria che sono sempre compatti, efficaci ed economici. Gli specialisti di Rckert NatUrgas GmbH realizzano insieme a Lei lobiettivo dalla progettazione individuale allimpianto a biogas completo ed alla attivazione dimpianto.

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