Delegation from Slovakia concerning the Topic Biogas (May 2011)


In the middle of April 2011 we had the chance to meet a delegation from Slovakia in Mallersdorf near Regensburg. The people were invited by the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Technology to spend some days in Bavaria in order to get to know the Bavarian know-how and technologies concerning the topic biogas.

We would like to thank the TUM-Tech GmbH, which was the organizer of this event, as well as the Bavarian Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Technology and Bavaria International for showing confidence in our planning office Rückert NatUrgas GmbH to introduce their guests into the topic of biogas. Wolfgang Hubeny, a project leader from our planning team, showed the guests from Slovakia around the Rückert NatUrgas®-plant Zirngibl in Mallersdorf near Regensburg. Thus, world-leading German biogas engineering was introduced to the Slovakians. The biogas plant Zirngibl is operated with an electrical performance of 526 kW. For digesting the substrates, a digester of a gross volume of 2,430 m³ and a storage tank with post-digestion are installed.

The plant is fed with maize and grass silage, sugar beets, manure and dry poultry ding and has been producing biogas since its commissioning in December 2010. The gas is burnt in a GE Jenbacher engine and transformed into electricity and heat. The heat occurring during this process is optimally utilized using a sewage sludge drying system. The electrical energy is fed into the public grid.   

The organizer TUM-Tech GmbH reported that the visit to Bavaria had been a complete success for the Slovakian guests. The visitors were deeply impressed by the comprehensive know-how, the high quality of the biogas plant, the products and services as well as the hospitality of the Bavarian companies.  

We hope to start a good and productive cooperation with the participating Slovakian companies.


Lazienda Rckert NatUrgas GmbH agisce come un consulente ed progettista dimpianti industriali a biogas e dimpianti della fattoria che sono sempre compatti, efficaci ed economici. Gli specialisti di Rckert NatUrgas GmbH realizzano insieme a Lei lobiettivo dalla progettazione individuale allimpianto a biogas completo ed alla attivazione dimpianto.

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